What We Do.

We’re about innovative solutions that add value to business.


e use innovative technology and converged collaboration tools that add value to your business purpose.

Over the past 8 years our strategic framework and operational processes have developed towards being more effective customer life-cycle solutions.

Leveraging on our creativity, business intellect and digital expertise we always aim to achieve and sustain a higher level of customer engagement.


Our passion, expertise and drive for what we do brings about the innovation and creativity behind all our solutions and thus we specialise with the following services:


Through consulting with us, we will contribute in transforming your business and align it to your process and procedures using innovative and cost effective IT solutions. We develop, procure and implement the right systems to suite your needs whether it’s organisational, departmental or project related.



At Roka Media web development is a creative art to meet strategic business and marketing requirements using the right functionalities to enable communication. Whether it’s a Custom Web System, CMS or an HTML 5 site, we create digital master pieces functionally and creatively.



Collaboration environments are vital for all organised and success driven companies. They bring together important information in a secure and access controlled portal for easy access and sharing for all authorised users.



Our support and service management solutions are designed to reduce system operating costs, minimise security risk, offer assistance and recommendations, improve performance, etc. We ensure project skills transfer through training for all the services we offer.


Business Tools

Database Management

We have created our own custom Management Information Systems which allows us to create and deploy forms and storing them in a database to be later searched and analysed to return intelligent results.

Business Analytics Tools - Admin Dashboards

Our Reports and KPI Dashboards are creatively built with interactive reports and chart which are flexible, dynamic, real time based, secure and easily accessible, allowing you to have reports and business intelligence services, which will help you to easily analyse your business data to make more informed decision. Business Intelligence at its best!

Collaboration Tools

Key Words: Automate | Reminders | Project Management, Time and Task Tracking | Team Collaboration | Mobile Access | SaaS.
At Roka Media we can provide you with tools and solutions to help stay on top things and see what has past, is ahead and currently ongoing, we develop solutions to help minimize risk and improve efficiency, whether it’s at Organisational level, Departmental or Project level.